I get that Maher is strong on religion


I also think by digging in their heals and choosing a reactionary anti science, anti progressive, ultra conservative agenda; the religious institutions are making the choice easier for the borderline/questioning believer to jump ship. I actually hope they continue their current strategy and it will only make the choice that more obvious. Bronze age primitive and almost completely discredited biblical mythology vs science, rationality and progressive values.

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Canada Goose Outlet Here a piece by Orac detailing some of Maher denialism.I get that Maher is strong on religion, but I have a hard time overlooking his anti science bias as just part of his quirky nature. Like Orac, I was disappointed when he was given the Richard Dawkins Award goose outlet canada by the Atheist Alliance, given that among the criteria is, „advocates increased scientific knowledge.”There is absolutely nothing in that piece that would qualify him as an anti vaxer.I think he 100% right flue vaccines should only be given to those at higher risk, the elderly, pregnant women, etc.Anti vaxers still contend that the MMR vaccine causes autism, which was solidly debunked decades ago. Now that really is anti science.Based on this piece (he doesn mention Alzheimers at all) it appears nearly slanderous to call canada goose outlet in usa him an anti vaxer.I think it is rather obvious that the diet, with it high incidence canada goose outlet reviews of metabolic syndrome and auto immune disease, is far from ideal and that antibiotics are not harmless and are over used (the research into diet, microbiota and antibiotics is still in its infancy), I canada goose outlet new york city find no flaw in his stance there either.Yes, I wouldn call him an anti vaxxer either. Canada Goose Outlet

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