Gretch asked Hagee to expand on his belief that „today’s geo


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moncler outlet She said: „Is America heading for a disaster it cannot survive? Our next guest says that right moncler coats outlet now the economic and geopolitical conditions are perfect for the unthinkable, the perfect storm to happen”. Gretch asked Hagee to expand on his belief that „today’s geo political storm is based on America’s stand on the Middle East which „could be catastrophic.” (Be scared!) The chyron stated „On a Crash Course, Pastor: moncler outlet location The US Faces Two Major Threats.” moncler jackets for women Pastor Hagee solemnly intoned about how Israel „is being slowly surrounded by radical Islamic nations that are sworn to their destruction.” He referenced Israel’s right of moncler coats moncler outlet self defense and how the peace process has been stalled because Hamas and Hezbollah are „fully dedicated to moncler jackets outlet online the destruction” of Israel. He accused Obama of going to Israel and advocating a „no growth policy” in the West Bank. moncler outlet

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