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  • Data desfasurarii: 30.11.2011
  •  Download document: European Research Area The European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering is an independance non-profit organisation of national academies of Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology from 21 European countries. Euro-CASE acts as a permanent forum for exchange and consultation between European Institutions, Industry and Research. Through its Member academies, Euro-CASE has access to top expertise (around 6,000 expert) and provides impartial, independent and balanced advice on technological issues with a clear European dimension to European Institutions, national Governments, companies and organisation.The major challenges facing society, such as the ageing population, energy, security, migration and health, demand a strong level of international co-ordination, and a concerted effort to leverage the innovative capacity of European researchers. It is thus an urgent necessity that Europe develops a strong focus on the interaction of research and innovation in order to successfully address and overcome these challenges, and to foster growth, competitiveness and well-being in the 21st century. Euro-CASE strongly supports the realisation of the European Research Area as the basis for tackling this innovation challenge, through the provision of a stable framework for the promotion, funding and coordination of European research and innovation.Euro-CASE believes that an ERA can only function if research and innovatior policy infrastructure is embedded in the new member states as the basis for future economic growth and social well-being. As the umbrella group bringing together 22 nation academies of engineering and technical sciences from the old and bew Member states, Euro-CASE believes that it can offer the Commission assistance in identifying and developing engineering excellence in the EU12, and linking it with best-practice in academia and industry in the older Member states.
    • Euro-CASE considers the following areas to be especially relevant for achieving a strong European research area that supports the sustainability of the European Union in the global competition among knowledge-based economies.
    • More intensive support of European careers for young researchers
    • Better knowledge transfer between academia and industry to promote innovation
    • Increased engagement with industry
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