EuroCASE Common Strategic Framework for Research and Innovation

  • Data desfasurarii: 20.05.2011
  •  Download document: Common Strategic Framework for Research and Innovation Innovation is the key to growth, competitiveness and thus social well-being in the 21st century. The capacity of a society to innovate will be crucial in an ever more knowledge-intensive economy. Innovation is also necessary in order to find new and lasting solutions to major global challenges, such as energy, climate change, or the future of information and communication. An adequate understanding of innovation thus has to consider the technological as well as the social aspects of innovation processes. That is why also the social sciences and the humanities, for instance in relation to studies on societal implications, technology acceptance, and risk analysis, will play an important role in successfully implementing innovations. It is thus an urgent necessity that Europe develops a strong focus on the interaction of research and innovation in order to strengthen its position in the ensuing global scientific and economic competition. Therefore Euro-CASE considers the Research and Innovation Union as an excellent opportunity for safeguarding and augmenting Europe’s competencies in science, research and industrial innovation. Euro-CASE supports the enhanced and improved coordination in the EU research and innovation system and the emergence of a strong European Research Area (ERA) through a common strategic framework. In general, Euro-CASE strongly supports the application of the criterion of “excellence” in the allocation of research funding. This criterion needs to be applied consistently and in all funding decisions within the next Framework Program. In addition Euro-CASE recommends utilizing parts of the structural funds more strategically in order to establish research and innovation infrastructures in the new Member States that are the basis for future economic growth and societal well-being. As the umbrella group bringing together 22 national academies of engineering and technical sciences from the old and new Member states, Euro-CASE believes that it can offer the Commission assistance in identifying and developing engineering excellence in the EU12.
    • Euro-CASE will actively participate in the ongoing consultation process of the Common Strategic Framework for Research and Innovation and will contribute to defining its scope, structure and content. This position paper has been prepared by the Euro-CASE member academies and concentrates on four main strategic issues.
    • Simplification
    • Human capacity building and intensified support of young scientists
    • Innovation
    • Increased participation of industry
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