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high quality hermes replica uk Across the Group, First Quantum produced 296 000 t of copper in the first half of 2018, with its Sentinel Mine showing a 28% increase on its year on year production figures over the second quarter.He chiefly attributes the improvement of mining in the country to an increase in copper commodity prices and the Zambian government commitment to stabilising the mining tax and royalties regime.Three or four years ago, copper mining houses in Zambia had to deal with a number of tax regime changes in rapid succession, which were not positive, and this sent a negative message to potential investors while placing current investors under pressure, Gladston explains. Rapid legislative alterations, coupled with a decline in copper commodity prices, made for an unattractive investment destination, he adds.However, copper prices rising steadily and government working hard through enforcing policy stability, has secured investor confidence in the country. Gladston states that First Quantum expects its Zambian mines to remain the company largest source of revenue for some years to come.Zambia is an excellent destination to mine copper high quality hermes replica uk.