Bernie Sanders won his Senate seat in Vermont a rural


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Canada Goose Parka In America, some left wing candidates have won in heavily right wing parts of the country by using conservationist rhetoric. Bernie Sanders won his Senate seat in Vermont a rural, white state that holds the record for longest consecutive streak voting Republican in presidential elections by,according to David Sirota, „visiting hunting lodges to talk about protecting natural resources for hunting and fishing and establishing canada goose outlet online a connection with [hunters].” In Montana, a state that has voted Republican in all but one of goose outlet canada the canada goose outlet hong kong last ten presidential elections, Governor Brian Schweitzer won twice (the second time in a landslide) partially by wooing hunters and fisherman with land and stream access. In Wyoming, the most conservative state in the country, Governor David Freudenthal’s administration focused on a long term strategy for resource extraction that included, among other things, preserving the state’s forests and regulating hydraulic fracking Canada Goose Parka.